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Tenemos el agrado de invitarles a la exposición de Jorge Aguayo (DIM) en el seminario de doctorantes. Esta se llevará a cabo el día martes 6 de Abril a las 14:30 hrs vía Zoom.

Expositor: Jorge Aguayo
Título: An inverse problem in Fluid Mechanics applied in Biomedicine

One of the main causes of problems in the human cardiovascular system is malformations in the aortic valve. There exists exploratory techniques to verify the status of an aortic valve, but these procedures are invasive or are not able to detect valve geometry. The aim is to define and study an inverse problem such that, based on measurements of the velocity field of the blood passing through a valve, an estimate of the valve geometry is given in response. Although it is possible to consider this problem as one of obstacle shape optimization, the disadvantage of this technique would be the need of modifying the discretization of the domain at every iteration of the identification procedure. In contrast, the proposed distributed resistance term here allows us to work in a fixed domain to solve the valve shape identification problem adding a penalization term.
This research includes a justification for using fictitious domains to study obstacles immersed in incompressible viscous fluids through a simplified version of Brinkham’s law in porous media applied in Navier-Stokes equations, the formulation and analysis of an identification of parameters problem associated to this inverse problem and numerical experiments in FEniCS and dolfin-adjoint illustrating the applicability of this method.

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